The Future of Video is at #AWAsia

The Future of Video is at #AWAsia


Japanese TV has influenced animation, game shows, and action shows, just to name a few, all over the world. Who doesn’t love those over-the-top obstacle course shows? Come start the Video Sessions on Thursday, A-3: ADARA Stage, at 1:00PM with WakuWaku Japan as they host the panel “Create a Buzz Around the World with Japanese TV Shows.” Exciting surprise TV star included!

Everyone at the office is passing around another hilarious video. It’s just a man with his phone, capturing his latest funny monologue, and already has a million views! How does he do it? How does he get that dedicated following? At 1:55PM starts “A star is Born – Live Streaming Platforms Giving Birth to Stars” as LINE presents a panel of front-line players discuss the how, why, and the future of streaming video stardom.

There’s no denying the international power of Japan’s “Kawaii” or “cute” aesthetic. It has been a dominating influence around the world for decades. At 2:50PM, join Shueisha as they present “The Outreach of Japan’s “Kawaii (cute)” in Asia!” Non-no is sending their own model Ms. Sayaka Okada, along with Chief Editor, Mr Wataru Kobayashi. They will be joined by Senior Staff of BEAMS Co. Ltd. Mr. Shoji Fukaya in which will prove to be a don’t-miss discussion!

Unknown to the majority of us fans watching sports, players and teams have had access to specialized video and technology that analyzes how a player moves and how the team is strategizing in real time. With sports being the last stronghold in live broadcast viewership, how can this technology be shared with the fans to better enhance our sports watching experience? At 4:40PM, join “How Technology Changes the Future of Sports Program” to find out!

Expansion and the future are the perfect way to round up our day of video. At 5:35PM, Join “Asian Expansion of Japanese Content” and learn how even Alibaba is using Japanese content to break into entertainment in China and what this means for the future.

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