The Millennial Minded Track at #AWNewYork


Everyone seems to be talking about millennials today. Who they are, what they care about, and how to engage them with certain products, concepts, brands, or businesses they can get behind. As the largest, most influential percentage of the modern workforce, businesses are racing to familiarize themselves with the millennial generation, and how to effectively market to their unique wants, needs and expectations. 

During Advertising Week New York, the Millennial Minded Track will explore what it truly means to think, buy and engage like a millennial. 

In "Routine Connection: Reaching Female Millennials On Their Time," Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, co-founders and co-CEOs of theSkimm, will discuss the challenges of targeting millennial audiences in today's media landcape and how to re-engage them with the news environment in meaningful ways. 

"The Rise of Celebrity Influencers for Subscription and E-Commerce Marketing" will join influencers with entreprenuers, as panelists such as reality TV star, Ashley Laconetti, and DIFF Eyewear co-founder, Zach Gordan, take the stage to discuss the value of celebrity influencer marketing for small businesses, subscription boxes and services, and e-commerce. CEO, Aria Finger, leads "The Art of Activating Millennials" where she'll discuss how brands and businesses can and should be enabling millennials and Gen Z to use their ingenuity and connectivity to become part of the solution by speaking the language of change. 

Finally, in "#Sponsored," Karen Robinovitz, Chief Creative Officer for Digital Brand Architects, will discuss the power of influencer marketing and how to build talents' online and social authority by developing their brand. 

To learn more about the Millennial Minded Track, the other Official #AWNewYork Tracks, and to see the full list of programming events, check out the online calendar.

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