This session will demonstrate how to make your business more ‘worthwhile’ by telling the story of a new app which could change the world. Matching charities with people based on specific skills, and featuring advanced A.I. functionality, 'BeWorthwhile' aims to revolutionise volunteering as we know it. Organisations have already given 240K volunteer days through the system. BeWorthwhile is the brainchild of Mashable’s Ben Maher. He observed that although big corporates offer CSR days to their staff, around 90% are never actually taken up. And when they are, they often see skilled people doing unskilled jobs. As part of The Drum’s ‘Do it Day’ event, he challenged the industry to come up with a solution. Their idea was an app that allowed companies to load CSR days into a system which could be accessed by good causes seeking both time and specific skills. With the help of IBM and Watson, it was built in a day. And now it is ready to go public.

Gordon Young
Editor and Co-Founder
The Drum
Ben Maher
Executive Director EMEA

This session was streamed live at Advertising Week 2016 (EU)

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