"Diversity is a buzzword because it is common business sense." Karen Blackett, Chairwoman MediaCom Diversity is not a moral issue, it is a business issue. Without diversity the advertising industry is committing commercial suicide. Why? Because if Advertising does not represent the people we want to buy our products they will simply go elsewhere. 51% of Inner London is BAME, yet only 20% of Ads feature people from diverse backgrounds. 85% of car purchase decisions are made by women, yet when was the last time you saw a women driving a car in an advert? Yet despite the unified calls for change the balance of female leaders and non-white employees in advertising agencies is declining. This will stifle creativity and damage relationships as brands increasingly demand their agencies front diverse teams. Our panel of experts from across the industry will discuss how can we make big, sweeping changes at the highest level to ensure the long lasting health of the industry.

Nishma Robb
Chair, WOMEN@GOOGLE UK, Head of Ads Marketing, UK
Nadya Powell
The Great British Diversity Experiment & SOWhite
Bejay Mulenga
Filli Studio, Supa Academy
Richard Robinson
Managing Partner
Marie-Claire Barker
Chief Global Talent Officer

This session was streamed live at Advertising Week 2017 (EU)

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