The Tomorrow Awards: The Real Battle for Tomorrow’s Creativity


The ad industry is a war zone: it's a battlefield where agencies send their creative soldiers to team missions that entail an endless inner quest for creation which strives to achieve a meaningful human connection, hopeful that their tactics and strategies will lead them to market domination. Ideas die, but the few that survive live a long victorious life as their heroes are celebrated in ceremonies where they are granted medals of honor which we refer to as awards. And as we stare at those shiny trophies that fill up our agency walls, each one serving as a proud reminder of another victorious battle, the one common question comes to mind: to what point were all these battles fought?

For decades, ad awards have been given away as recognition for great work that's been done over the course of a year, but once the celebrations end it all seems to be left behind and there’s not much that moves forward. In industries where creativity is a nonstop process, keeping up with innovation is key. In this respect, the Art Directors Club is inviting forward-thinking Creatives to take part of another one of their extraordinary initiatives by submitting their game-changing work to the Tomorrow Awards, the only international marketing and visual communications awards show that celebrates tomorrow’s creativity.


The Tomorrow Awards is a new breed of award shows; its mission is not to celebrate great work that's been done, nor to define or categorize it. The Tomorrow Awards' purpose is to educate and discover promising work that pushes the boundaries of creative innovation in order to lead tomorrow’s strategies. It's the awards show with no categories, as it focuses on the work in itself and its groundbreaking potential for change, so it's not limited to advertising, design, or media channels. It's open to all industries and to everyone with a revolutionary creative idea.

The initiative started in 2010 as a series of recurring ceremonies throughout the year. It’s been held in cities that are recognized for their lead in the creative industries such as Montreal, Amsterdam, and Sao Paulo. This year the Tomorrow Awards will be celebrating its fourth awarding tomorrow’s top talent on September 19th, 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, and next year it’s expected to become a bi-annual event, as constant innovation is a key aspect to creative success.

More than an awards show

The Tomorrow Awards are not just about awarding; they’re about educating. Once the winners are selected, they report on their work’s insight and share their learnings. With this, they move beyond a strategic approach towards innovation and move into a philosophical understanding that will take part of tomorrow’s creative environment. This also aims to link all creative industries to lead the next wave of creative innovation. And if all this wasn’t good enough already, all judges in the final round come from multiple disciplines and stand for an equal ratio of male/female representation, making it the first awards show that supports the ADC’s “Let’s Make The Industry 50/50 initiative.”

Previous winners

Since its early stages, the Tomorrow Awards has been actively looking for entries that will set the standards for the future in the respective disciplines. It’s not about looking for the best work, but about trying to find “The Tomorrow Factor” which may not have yet had the opportunity to make a difference but does have the potential to change the industry within the next few years. Previous winners have been: One Copy Song by R/GA, a Facebook app that allows only one person at a time to listen to Adam Tensta’s latest single “Pass It On” before passing it to the next person in line; Project Glass by Google, an introductory video which shows the endless possibilities of their product demo and share it live via Google Hangout; This Exquisite Forest by Google Creative Lab, a project open to everyone which allows users to create short animations that build off one another; World’s Most Valuable Social Network by Grey, a way of locating missing children by donating your social network to the Missing Children Society and spreading an alert on linked social networks to increase the reach of a missing child alert; and Curators of Sweden by Volontaire, an initiative that allows a Swedish Twitter user take control over the country’s Twitter account ( @Sweden) for a week in order to offer the world an authentic perception of that country.

So if you've got an amazing brand, agency, product, service, startup, crazy idea... or anything absolutely game-changing (see their entry criteria), the Tomorrow Awards is definitely the awards show you should submit your work to. Entries must be submitted by the extended deadline of August 23rd.

The Tomorrow Awards is also the only awards show that allows passionate voices in the industry to have a say about the submitted entries, so if you’re an involved professional in the creative industry and consider yourself one of the Voices of the Future, make sure you register here to be one of the Industry judges for this event and choose the work that will be shortlisted. Voting will take place the weekend of August 24th, and 50 chosen entries will move to the next round where a panel of highly esteemed leaders from their respective disciplines will serve as Monster judges to select the five winners on September 4th. All winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on September 19th in Stockholm.


I already shared my voice, so make sure you do too, because as an Industry Judge you can also nominate any project you consider worthy of recognition and win a chance to win a trip to New York City, where you will have the opportunity to meet this year’s Monster Judges (Fernanda Romano, Naveen Selvadura, Sune Kaae, Sophia Bendz, Amani Duncan, and Joel Lunenfeld) at a VIP dinner.

It's time to start fighting the battles that really matter, the ones that will shape the face of tomorrow and the many years to come. So make sure you submit your work for a chance to bring your ideas to life and design a better tomorrow.

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