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Advertising Week Europe is going single-use plastics free in support of the Trash Isles - a major environmental campaign by LADbible Group empowering millennials to act on the issue of the plastic pollution epidemic in our oceans.

This not-to-be-missed opening headline panel features Sky Ocean Rescue, LADbible and Project 0 explores how the creative industries became the real catalyst for raising awareness resulting in significant positive action from the general public, brands and even government policies.

Thanks to awareness raised by LADbible’s Trash Isles, Sky Ocean Rescue, BBC’s Blue Planet and other creatives, the general public has had a collective rude awakening to the true extent of an environmental epidemic that is too often out of sight and out of mind.

As a result, 2018 has become a watershed moment, with millennials in particular demanding real action. So far this year, a wave of brands and retailers have pledged to cut plastic waste. 1Rebel gym becomes first to ban plastic bottle, Iceland supermarket vows to eliminate plastic on its own-branded products, Eurostar is cutting back on plastic, Network Rail announced plans to install water fountains and there is a growing call for the return of bottle deposit schemes.

In this session, we hear from those leading the charge against this important environmental issue. View Less

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Fiona Ball Head of Responsible Business & Sky Ocean Rescue Sky Group
Stephen Mai Head of Marketing and Design LAD Bible Group
Cindy Sasha Producer Project 0
Sarah Roberts Ambassador, Activist and Author Trash Isles

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