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Part of the benefit of diversity lies in the different ways that we tackle briefs and challenges. People whose brains are wired in different ways can bring a huge competitive advantage to our industry. However we haven't always created workplaces in which people that aren't neurotypical can show up as themselves. We want to celebrate the superpowers of dyslexia, autism, dyspraxia and dyscalculia - without being flippant about the very real barriers that people who aren't 'neurotypical' can face in the workplace.

This panel debate will address the following topics which we heard people in our industry ask for in National Inclusion Week:-
1 – A neurodiversity 101. In short, the awareness, education and language to sustain the conversation yourselves
2 – An understanding of what needs to shift in our corporate culture so that we can access the super powers of neurodiversity
3 – Practical shifts to make in the recruitment process and beyond, including case studies of what has worked elsewhere View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. An understanding of why Neurodiversity is more of a movement than a definition
  2. The gifts that the neurodiverse might bring to the workplace
  3. The challenges that people with neurodiverse diagnoses might face in today's workplace
  4. Easy tweaks that company cultures can make to support neurodiverse individuals in thriving


Roxanne Hobbs Founder The Hobbs Consultancy
Wayne Deakin Executive Creative Director Huge London
Mark Evans Marketing Director Direct Line Group
Pip Jamieson Founder The Dots
Ali Hanan Founder & Creative Director Creative Equals

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