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The power behind brand building comes to light when consumers’ favourite brands are taken away from them. Be entertained by reactions, and get excited by the possibilities of the genuine connections to be made when brands are effectively constructed.

Most of what influences our thoughts and actions lie deep beneath the cognitive radar. Neuroscientists estimate that we absorb around 11 million pieces of information every single second, but consciously process just 40 of these! So inevitably, we rely on a series of mental shortcuts.

This is particularly true when it comes to brands. We tend to default to products and services that we know, we recognise or have experience of. We also have a host of cognitive biases - such as the need to follow what other people are doing - and are hugely influenced by what is going on around us. Advertising is, and always has been, a way of ensuring brands remain top-of-mind and desirable in the eyes of the consumer. It helps lay down valuable, brand connections deep below the surface of our awareness.

By depriving individuals of some of their favourite brands, we were able to use behavioural economics to surface how brands operate at a subconscious level, and what happens when we lose them!
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  1. Brands bring colour and connection to people’s lives
  2. Branding primes the user to a more positive customer experience
  3. Advertising, particularly TV, helps embed positive brand connections in the subconscious of the consumer
  4. People make snap judgments about products and services based on branding. Brands ‘anchor’ perceptions of quality
  5. Strong branding can positively impact the physical experience with have with brands.
  6. Brands bring stability to people’s lives. People feel their loss keenly

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Matt Hill Research & Planning Director Thinkbox

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