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Conversion Marketing connects storytelling to transactions. It's a shift away from the old model that focuses on messaging that shapes attitudes to a new model that focuses on messaging to trigger consumer actions.

Come learn from a panel of leading marketers as they discuss how they’re using data, technology, and ongoing analysis to efficiently and effectively reach, connect, and move consumers along the full purchase funnel.

Conversion Marketing requires NEW information and skillsets across four dimensions to provide marketers the tools to develop and execute more productive marketing plans. It’s not easy. But several marketers are winning by taking meaningful steps in shaping a marketing approach that is developed with conversions in mind.

Session takeaways include:
1. Building brands and brand stories is only the first step in conversion marketing. Marketing must invite and guide consumers through the full purchase funnel.
2. New capabilities are required, with specific skills and insight capabilities needed for the Consumer, Shopper/Buyer and Advocates.
3. Discover how Creative and Data marry into the conversion process.
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Michael Miller EVP, Managing Director Catapult
Cecilia McKenney Executive Vice President, Chief Customer Officer Frontier Communications
Brian Berger CEO/Founder Mac Weldon
Christa Carone Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Boston 2024 Partnership
Kerry Cavanaugh Senior Brand Director MARS Chocolate, NA
Matthew Weisbecker Vice President Sales & Strategy Conversant Media

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