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Fetch founder & CEO James Connelly sits down with Marc Lore, the dynamic founder of Under Lore, has raised $220m in funding and has generated buzz for its unique take on a digital members shopping club. This deep dive into the mind of a successful new age entrepreneur looks at smart technology, transparency and the re-engineering of online commerce. Along the way, Fetch reveals how digital platform businesses with no precedent are redefining business.

Marc Lore is the dynamic entrepreneur from New Jersey who founded, the members shopping club which has raised over $220m in funding. Before that he sold Quidsi, parent of to Amazon for $550m. James Connelly, CEO of Fetch, the global mobile-first agency, hosts an exclusive one-on-one interview with Marc that delves into smart technology, transparency and the re-architecting of online commerce as we have known it, whilst looking at how digital platform businesses with no precedent, like, are designing businesses for the new consumer using smart tech.
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James Connelly CEO Fetch
Marc Lore Founder and CEO

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