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An honest discussion with the world’s top production heads. Panelists will reveal the latest trends in quickly creating top-quality content--the fast, nimble and good content, clients want right now.

"I need content for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And, can I have it on Monday?"

Brands want engaging, high-quality content and they want it today. Moderated by Adweek Editor Lisa Granatstein, we’ll discuss the industry’s content struggle to create fast, nimble and good content. In many cases, production budgets are the same as they were 10 years ago, but the content needs are much greater.

Presented by Leo Burnett, “Fast, Good or Cheap: The Reality of Today’s Content Creation” will feature an honest discussion with the world’s top production heads. Leo Burnett's head of production Vincent Geraghty, Samuel Rowley of Energy BBDO and Mary Gail Pezzimenti of The Huffington Post, will share the highs, lows and secrets of quickly creating top-quality content that brands want to buy and people want to see and share.

This session’s panelists will share their experiences creating quality content in today’s demanding environment. View Less

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Vincent Geraghty EVP Executive Director of Production Leo Burnett
Rowley Samuel EVP, Head of Integrated Production Energy BBDO
Mary Gail Pezzimenti VP Content Creation The Huffington Post
Lisa Granatstein Editor Adweek

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