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In his new book Marketers are from Mars, Consumers are from New Jersey, famous ad contrarian Bob Hoffman confronts the hard truths and ugly realities of advertising and marketing today. In a free-flowing chat, Bob exposes the faulty, costly predictions of brand marketing and digital experts and explores the gap between marketers’ delusions and real life here on earth. Bob Hoffman is bringing some reality to Advertising Week. Buckle up.

We live in an age where bots are buying ads to serve to bots and where CPI has become as big a joke as CPC. On the one hand, it's a perfect system to make money. On the other hand, it's nonsense. Bob Hoffman, former agency founder, former agency executive and now infamous Ad Contrarian blogger has made a second career out of exposing the gap between the hype and what's real in advertising today. Now, Bob will be joining us for a free-flowing discussion revealing why much of what we think about brands, digital, and targeting is downright delusional. Find out what happens when an industry insider decides to brings his funny, unique and scathingly critical perspective on why we’ve all bought into the B.S. and why it’s time to come back down to earth. View Less

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Bob Hoffman Author & Partner, Type A Group The Ad Contrarian
Matt Dowshen (Moderator) President PNYC

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