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It’s a fact, excellence sells. Through more than a decade of research, analysis, and client work, Advertiser Perceptions has proven the correlation between positive advertiser experience and media buying intentions. Our Advertiser Experience Index (AXi) illustrates how delivering a superior buying experience to advertisers leads to advertising growth. We’ll reveal which media brands are leading the industry in Advertiser Experience and how they do it, announcing the Top 5 AXi leaders in Digital, TV, Print and Radio.

If your business depends on advertising, then nothing is more important to your business success than Advertiser Experience. That is, advertiser opinions of your media brand’s advertising product, marketing communications, selling process and satisfaction.

Our Advertiser Experience Index (AXi) evaluates more than 400 digital, television, print and radio media brands every six months. Combining and weighting the input from thousands of leading advertisers, AXi pinpoints where your advertiser experience stands in comparison to the competition and tracks it over time. AXi is determined using brand, selling and marketing perception insights from the Advertiser Intelligence Reports, the largest and most comprehensive ongoing advertiser study in the world.

For more than a decade, Advertiser Perceptions has been delivering the solutions necessary for enabling our clients to continually improve their advertiser experiences and increase their advertising sales. View Less

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Randy Cohen President and COO Advertiser Perceptions

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