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At its best, content is immersive, involving and causes an advocacy in the audience beyond that of traditional advertising. In the UK Absolut Vodka, Punchdrunk and the UK's fastest growing content agency Somethin' Else united to combine an iOS game and immersive theatre experience to create 2015's most talked about branded content campaign. Find out how brands can create deep advocacy using the latest in immersive technology and content and what it means for content going forward.

Punchdrunk, Somethin' Else and Absolut tell a content story of collaboration and immersion. Absolut Vodka's target customer is smart, has very good taste and won't do something unless it's really, really worth doing. So instead of easily filtered-out empty slogans, Absolut gave them something: a unique melding of game, story, iBeacon technology and (very creepy!) performance. Thousands of hard to reach and uber-trendy Londoners decided to play along, obsessing over a game, giving up evenings and sampling the product. How do you pull off something of genuine value and depth while embodying your brand's message? This session covers audience insight, content, technology and immersive theatre and is a must-see for brands wanting to reach those elusive and media-wise millennials.
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Paul Bennun Chief Creative Officer Somethin' Else
Felix Barrett Founder & Artistic Director; Co-Director Punchdrunk
Adam Boita Head of Marketing Pernod Ricard
Frank Rose Correspondent Wired

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