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Transformational leadership has never been more critical than it is in today’s fast-paced, technology-powered world. Every business across every sector is undergoing tremendous change--and so are their consumers and workforces.
Hear from top leaders on how they deliver on this imperative, driving success in our world of constant and rapid-fire evolution.

Consider: Nearly 80% of companies report that consumers’ access to technology has dramatically shifted their business models, according to recent Ernst & Young findings. Those same advances are also revolutionizing the workplace; by 2020, 50% of the workforce will be from Generations Y and Z who grew up connected, collaborative and mobile, bringing these attributes and expectations to their organizations. How can you, as a leader, harness these changes to accelerate transformation for your company and cultivate tomorrow’s transformational leaders?
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Laura Desmond Global CEO Starcom Mediavest Group
Meredith Verdone SVP, Enterprise, Consumer and Global Wealth & Investment Management Bank of America
Angela Lee Assistant Dean & Founder and CEO Columbia Business School & 37 Angels
Emily Steel Media Journalist The New York Times
Pam El EVP, Chief Marketing Officer National Basketball Association

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