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Please join us to explore why the medium championed and created of, by and for the most diverse generation ever – is run by a shockingly non-diverse group. We’ll do a quick reality check and get to the guts of what all of us can do to shake up the digital diversity 'status quo'; we’ll talk about the road to diverse digital leadership (it starts with talent — but you knew that) and we’ll challenge the standard-issue digital marketing formulae that threaten to repeat the less desirable patterns of the analog world.

The advent of digital democratized the creation and consumption of information for all. So why is the digital industry still led by a lot of white guys?

We all know digital diversity is a must. But why isn’t it a reality? And how do we change that?

Expect one part provocative discussion, one part heated debate and one part oddly practical how-to. And expect a group of industry leaders to bare their souls on one of the most important topics in our industry. View Less

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B. Bonin Bough Chief Media & eCommerce Officer Mondelez International
Chris Perry Chief Digital Officer Weber Shandwick
Gail Heimann President Weber Shandwick
Janet Balis Principal, Advisory, Media & Entertainment Strategy Practice Leader Ernst & Young LLP

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