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Featuring eight short stories by engineers, craftsmen, artists, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, architects, chefs, and filmmakers; those who have birthed an idea and evolved it from a concept to production.


A celebrated hacker and engineer talks about getting a U.S. president elected and building a successful technology company.
Harper Reed Hacker & Engineer
Ted Florea Chief Strategy Officer, Partners + Napier, NYC


A Poetic Voice tells the story about building a business through the power of creativity.
Sekou Andrews Owner,


The founder of littleBits, an award-winning platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks, speaks about bringing that universally empowering idea to life.
Ayah Bdeir Founder & CEO, littleBits
Jon Banks CEO, Pitch


Founder of The Lowline - an underground park in Manhattan’s lower east side - discusses the challenges of bringing the big idea to life.
Dan Barasch Co-Founder, The Lowline


Famed street artist shares insight into what inspires his work and how he grows his brand in the hyper-competitive art world.
Bradley Theodore Street Artist
Rick Condos Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder , ARGONAUT


MIT Media Lab designer blends physical/digital objects to re-conceptualize children’s playgrounds in Mexico City.
Edwina Portocarrero Creative Technologist, MIT Media Lab


One of three friends from MIT tells how a fashion brand was birthed by engineers who wanted professional clothes with the versatility of high-performance athletic gear.f high-performance athletic gear.
Aman Advani CEO and Co-Founder, Ministry of Supply
Matt Statman CEO, Motive


A fiction writer and journalist shares what it takes to bring a story to life on the day her third book, Die Again Tomorrow, is released.
Kira Peikoff Author

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Harper Reed Hacker & Engineer
Ted Florea Chief Strategy Officer Partners + Napier, NYC
Sekou Andrews Owner
Ayah Bdeir Founder & CEO littleBits
Jon Banks CEO Pitch
Dan Barasch Co-Founder The Lowline
Bradley Theodore Street Artist
Rick Condos Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder ARGONAUT
Edwina Portocarrero Creative Technologist MIT Media Lab
Aman Advani CEO and Co-Founder Ministry of Supply
Matt Statman CEO Motive
Kira Peikoff Author

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