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When programmatic arrived on the advertising scene it seemed like a buyer’s dream come true: real-time audience targeting at scale. Fast forward a few years and there have been a few bumps in the road to marketing nirvana. Concerns about impression quality, fraud and viewability have vexed buyers even as they shift more spend to programmatic channels. This expert panel will engage in a lively discussion about the ways these issues are being addressed by individual market players and the industry at large.

Programmatic advertising has the potential to be every marketer’s dream because of its ability to target audiences in real time at scale. Yet buyer confidence has been shaken at times due to questions around inventory quality and brand safety. Buyers are concerned about impression quality, fraud and viewability even as they continue to increase their spend on programmatic. The industry has begun to address these issues but more will need to be done before buyers are completely confident when buying advertising inventory offered programmatically. This session will see expert panelists explore the challenges involved in creating a safe programmatic bid environment for buyers. The panel will also discuss the ways the industry and its individual players are tackling these issues head-on. View Less

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Julie Clark Programmatic Sales, Hearst Core Audience Hearst
Matt Wolfrom VP, Corporate Communications PubMatic
Nicholas Illobre Director Performance Media Capabilities Merkle
Richard Sobel Senior Vice President AOD Solutions VivaKi

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