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Every marketer today is saying they are customer centric. However, most pharma marketing is following the same formula: drug ad + product benefits + fair balance = walk on the beach and a call to action to “talk to your doctor.” This panel starts with real patients sharing their dramatic stories about living with chronic disease (MS, HIV, bipolar disorder). Then we’ll explore ways to leverage media channels and new tools to address real-time patient insights and needs.

When consumers feel they are treated like people, they open doors to their lives, enabling brands to make even more connections. The panel's honest dialogue adds context to big data and market research trends. By listening, really listening to their needs, organizations will have more opportunities to make real connections with consumers.

We will then explore what pharma should be doing to address these needs, how to take better advantage of media channels, leveraging new tools to garner real time patient insights, and examples of who is doing it well. View Less

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Greg Reilly SVP Publicis Health Media
Dan Digmann Patient Advocates
Jennifer Digmann Patient Advocates
Josh Robbins Patient Advocate, Journalist
Tracy Rosecrans VP Marketing Healthline
Natasha Tracy Patient Advocate, Journalist

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Event Type Seminar

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