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Gary Koepke, Chief Creative Officer North America at SapientNitro will explore what is arguably the biggest opportunity facing the retail industry today: virtual reality. But while many organizations recognize the value of this new platform, few are ready to capitalize on it. This session will focus on the endless opportunities for engagement and growth presented through VR, the challenges that accompany this new medium, and what practical applications of this trend might look like.

With mass adoption of virtual reality expected in just a few years, the time for retailers to create a comprehensive VR strategy is now. And yet – so few organizations appear poised to take advantage of this opportunity.

The relative lack of action is understandable. VR, after all, is not without its challenges. Those retailers at the forefront of the trend are tasked with helping drive consumer adoption of VR, particularly through mobile. They also will need to make significant investments in content creation and devise a way to continuously engage the user.

At the same time, all retailers that are creating VR experiences must ensure that their long-term strategy is capable of generating new sources of revenue, either through in-app purchasing or another model. For those organizations planning and testing now, they must consider when and how VR will become profitable.

This session, hosted by Gary Koepke, Chief Creative Officer North America at SapientNitro, will explore both the tremendous opportunity and the potential pitfalls of retailers breaking into the bold new world of VR. View Less


Gary Koepke Global Executive Creative Director, VP SapientNitro

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