Susan Manber

A native New Yorker born into a family of journalists, Sue grew up asking "why?" Fueled by a childhood of listening to her father interview doctors and inventors about the latest advances in medicine, she became fascinated at Vassar College by the emerging field of cognitive science, a mash-up of cognitive and social psychology, linguistics, and artificial intelligence. She was drawn into the very early days of account planning at Ammirati & Puris and has helped secure multiple gold Effies and gold Lions for campaigns.
Sue has deep healthcare brand building experience spanning virtually every therapeutic area, including Lamisil, J&J Ortho McNeil women’s health franchise, Pricara, Splenda, Lunesta, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and WebMD.
Today, Sue's intrepid planning team at Digitas Health combines the very best traditional traditional research tools with the most contemporary, real time ones to deeply understand the realities of the marketplace, and always remain people inspired.

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