Maxine Lapiduss

Maxine is CEO and co-founder of Storyverse Studios, which creates and produces universes of content and niche digital channels for brands, studio properties, Broadway shows, talent, and books. A storyteller since she began doing standup at age 14, Maxine went on to become a Golden Globe winning, 4-time Emmy nominated writer/producer/director of some of the most successful sitcoms of all time (Roseanne, Home Improvement, Ellen, Dharma and Greg, Jesse). In 1999, she co-founded an early social network and channel. Maxine’s unique vision, and her signing of superstars in TV, music, and sports, including Jennifer Aniston, led to years of consulting with sponsors, studios, and creators.

Now Maxx is changing the digital landscape again with the “storyverse,” making stories come alive across multi-platforms, and embedding brands in authentic, and unique ways. Storyverse Studios also owns several digital channels and produces series in niche areas of interest to millennials.

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