Reed Scharff

Reed Scharff is the Senior Analyst for Market Integrity at OpenX, a global leader in web and mobile advertising technology. OpenX operates one of the largest, most efficient, and highest quality programmatic markets in the world. Reed successfully leads complex projects involving business, engineering, and product teams by providing data-based strategic direction for identifying and addressing business issues and opportunities. Reed is responsible for ensuring that new products and policies align with OpenX’s corporate vision.

Prior to OpenX, Reed served as the Data Director for President Obama’s groundbreaking campaign in Pennsylvania, where he managed a team of analysts responsible for translating behavioral modeling into an efficient field strategy through creative metrics, insightful data visualizations and actionable maps.

In 2014, Reed took a short leave-of-absence from OpenX to serve as the National Analytics Director for NextGen Climate Action where he oversaw the development of cutting-edge online and offline voter persuasion experiments and issue-oriented voter modeling aimed at increasing the urgency of climate change legislation.

Reed Scharff graduated from Brandeis University in 2008 with a B.S. in Neuroscience. Previously held positions include Regional Data Services Director for the Democratic National Committee and Data Analyst for The Atlas Project.

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