Margaret Czeisler

Throughout her career, Margaret has pioneered innovative solutions for the world’s leading brands, agencies and chief executives, from long-lead programs to real-time marketing experiences. Margaret joined AwesomenessTV in 2015 to develop a business unit which will be announced during the Advertising Week time frame that will offer full-service marketing solutions for both brands and agencies to meaningfully engage with youth culture in the most relevant environments.

Prior to AwesomenessTV, Margaret spent over a decade spearheading scalable marketing experiences at the convergence of creative, media and technology at Razorfish, where she led global innovation in the role of Global Vice President of xlab. Margaret was also co-founder of the Art & Revolution Organization, a global design firm producing books, clothing collections and art exhibitions that integrated pioneering artists including Shepard Fairey, KAWS, Reas, and Espo.

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