Bianca Giaever

Bianca Inga Giaever is a 24 year old filmmaker and radio producer.

In 2013, her short film “The Scared is Scared” gathered critical and commercial acclaim becoming one of the most talked about shorts of the year. USA Today falsely reported that she had a six-year-old son, and then subsequently named her film, “Web Video of the Year.” Her work has been featured in the NPR shows This American Life and Radiolab, websites such as Buzzfeed, Jezebel, FastCo, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, CBS News, Short of the Week, at various film festivals, and at the TED conference. She attended Middlebury College, where she designed her own major called “Narrative Studies,” and graduated in the class of 2012. She teaches storytelling workshops, gives talks, and is a Future of Storytelling fellow. Originally from Seattle, she now lives in Brooklyn.

Her latest is an original video collaboration produced by This American Life with m ss ng p eces, which won a Webby this year.

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