Luke Smith

Luke is the founder of Croud, Google’s fastest growing agency in the UK in 2011.

Luke founded Croud with a remit of challenging the way search was delivered for customers delivering tangible results, positive ROI and ultimately customer satisfaction for our clients.

Before launching Croud Luke spent 4 years at Google managing the company’s relationships with media and digital agencies (which made him realise something had to be done to change the model), handling a combined £60m of business per annum for the business, helping drive up revenues during that time by over 100%. His remit included WPP, Aegis and Publicis as well as early days search works. He was also responsible for bringing Google’s early mobile strategy to life.

Prior to that Luke worked for several UK and international newspapers including Daily Mail, Times and The Economist where he helped digitise their advertising proposition. He has over 12 years of media experience combining the best in both on and offline.

His extra curricular passions include trying to keep in shape through a multitude of sporting activities none of of which he’s mastered, and visiting as much of the planet as possible.

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