Michael Eisenreich

Mike leads Bloomberg's digital & content marketing efforts globally. The group consists of content, design and production teams and is focused on integrating, evolving and expanding how Bloomberg LP engages with audiences digitally. Key to this strategy is the convergence of content, design and technology to deliver information and utility through compelling marketing programs. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Mike held multiple roles in GE's corporate technology division, including running GE's global web presence. He created his first website in the fall of 1996 and has been passionate about digital technologies ever since. His interests in technology and marketing trace back to a very young age. He started playing the piano when he was 5 years old and was classically trained as a musician. He gravitated to jazz and played in various bands throughout his school years. His love of music evolved into a passion for art and science and how the combination of creativity and technology can produce unconventional and amazing work.

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