Jason Uechi

Jason Uechi is director of engineering and data science at YP Mobile Labs, responsible for managing and optimizing performance for thousands of campaigns across mobile, online and display. He plays a key role in the strategic deployment of ads for national brands.

Jason joined YP in January 2014 as part of YP’s acquisition of Sense Networks, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in digital advertising, mobile technology and product development. He is a pioneer in the field of mobile location data and holds a patent on system and method of performing location analytics which serves as the basis of location-based profiles that are used to determine the purchase intent of a consumer based on previously visited locations

Prior to YP, Jason was co-Founder of the mobile application “Mologogo,” a free GPS tracking service designed to make location-based tracking more accessible to everyone. Jason’s “red|blue” application, a GPS powered feature phone application showing campaign contributions, was featured in the New York Times magazine in the “Year In Ideas” issue (2004).

Jason holds a BA degree from Hampshire College and a doctorate from Columbia University. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, son and a gifted one-eyed blind cat.

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