Bob Bejan

Bob Bejan is currently the Global Executive Creative Director of AOL Advertising’s Partner Studio, focused on delivering the next generation of content and creative solutions for marketers. Partner Studio offers brands the opportunity to deliver emotive content experiences that connect with their audiences and are fueled by AOL’s flywheel of data, insights, and programmatic optimization.

Before joining AOL in this role, Mr. Bejan was Vice President North America, Advertising Sales and Marketing at the Microsoft Corporation, where he was responsible for developing and executing against the sales and marketing strategy within the United States, driving ad revenue opportunities, leading the relationships with top agencies and clients, and building market share.

Mr. Bejan’s recent role at Microsoft was his second time with the company. In 1996, Mr. Bejan joined Microsoft as the Executive Producer for the Microsoft Network within the Company’s Interactive Media Group (IMG). He led the charter to bring its online service to the Web and was responsible for all of the original programming that premiered on the Network. In late 1997 as the push began toward Internet portal sites, Mr. Bejan moved into the role of General Manager, MSN Business Development and Programming. In February ’98, he was recruited into the News & Publishing Division of the IMG as the Director of Worldwide Sales, Operations, & Programming for the Online-Sales Team. Mr. Bejan greatly advanced the effort toward “monetization” of the Microsoft Network. He spent his last two years during this tenure heading the strategic alliance group for MSN worldwide, developing deeply integrated relationships with companies like Bank One, Daimler Chrysler and Statefarm Insurance group.

Prior to his most recent role at Microsoft, Mr. Bejan was the Chief Development Officer of the MSLGroup worldwide, where he was responsible for client engagement globally for both New Business and MSL’s Global accounts. He was focused on generating new opportunities and relationships for the group, evangelizing the story and value proposition of the Publicis Groupe’s leading communications and events network and ensuring that they were building excellence in execution consistently around the world. Prior to taking this position, Mr. Bejan was the co-founder and CEO of PBJS, Inc., a Digital Creative Studio that specializes in the design, execution and ongoing management of data-driven marketing systems, focusing on Digital Marketing, Corporate Communications, Creative Production and live experiences. Founded in 2003, PBJS was acquired by the Publicis Groupe in 2008. PBJS is a part of the MSLGROUP, working within the Publicis Network. Mr.Bejan remains Chairman of PBJS.

Mr. Bejan has enjoyed an eclectic career that has afforded him a unique perspective on the development of the media industry. Mr. Bejan started his first creative business in 1987; BNE was a creative studio delivering, jingle writing, creative direction and production services for major advertising agencies. Using BNE as a foundation, Bejan developed a creative collaboration with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles resulting in a Rock and Roll album and World Tour that sold over 4.5 million records worldwide and sold over a million tickets during its 2.5 year tour around the world. In 1990 Bejan furthered his technological training as CEO of Virtual Worlds Inc. – a virtual reality company that developed and deployed the BattleTech Center, the first virtual reality location-based entertainment center. From there, Mr. Bejan became a founder, partner, and inventor of Interfilm, an interactive motion picture studio that produced interactive movies for theatre multiplexes. Following a successful public offering in 1992, Interfilm produced four interactive motion pictures that were exhibited in over 50 theatres around the United States. In 1994, Mr. Bejan became Vice President of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. He was a founding executive and member of the core team that began the studio’s original web presence and content strategies both on the Internet and America Online. In addition he served as a member of core design team for Warner Bros. Studio Stores retail chain.

Mr. Bejan lives in Seattle and New York with his wife and three sons.

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