Chad Millman

Chad Millman is the editor-in-chief of and ESPN The Magazine, a position he assumed in March 2014. Millman has been editor-in-chief of The Magazine since 2011. He was previously senior deputy editor and held a number of editing positions at The Magazine after arriving as an associate editor prior in April 1998. He started his career as a reporter for Sports Illustrated and correspondent at CNNSI.

Millman is charged with accelerating ESPN’s storytelling in a platform-agnostic manner, further integrating an efficient digital and print media approach that serves fans with news, commentary, analysis and enterprise content. Millman also works with his team to create integration opportunities with TV and audio programming.

He created the gambling beat for ESPN and contributes weekly podcasts and columns, in addition to making regular TV appearances to discuss the culture of sports betting. He has also written or co-authored seven books including three New York Times best-sellers.

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