Mike Weisman

Mike is a working partner at Amusement Park and co-founder of the Values Institute. Along with his partners, Jimmy Smith, Jon Gothold and Ed Collins, Mike takes an active role in guiding Amusement Park on a daily basis. He serves as the cultural leader of the agency, creating a values-based environment that gives everyone the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

The Values Institute, a strategic think tank that sits beside the agency, does research and consulting dedicated to identifying and cascading shared values. Mike and the institute publish OC’s Most Trustworthy Brands survey and host the annual Trust Summit. In 2013 The Values Institute entered into a joint venture with California State University, Fullerton, to create the Center for Brand Values Communication and Research. It is our nation’s first-of-its-kind academic organization dedicated to the study of how brand and corporate values are lived and communicated.

Mike sits on the Foundation Board of Cal State Fullerton and Board of Directors of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce where he co-chairs the Economic Development Council. Mike is also an active member of Downtown Inc., whose mission is to facilitate the enhancement of the downtown area as a vibrant shopping, entertainment, business and cultural destination.

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