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Famous futurist Alvin Toffler predicted the digital age, the current political environment and one could argue, he even predicted the rise of ISIS. In his 1970 book Future Shock, he foretold that our hunger for technology would eventually make us lonelier than ever before. Now surrounded by technology and data, Periscope CEO Liz Ross shines light on the truth that this era of disconnect has arrived.

What is the next big revolution that will transform our world and ultimately, marketing? Toffler Associate’s CEO Deborah Westphal, who now carries Alvin’s vision forward, will take the stage with Liz to provide powerful, well-informed predictions for the future and the impact these macro-shifts will have on businesses.

This lively discussion will leave you surprised, inspired and steps ahead of the current status quo. Don’t miss this front seat to the future. Your ability to connect with people may depend on it.
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Liz Ross CEO Periscope
Deborah Westphal CEO Toffler Associates

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