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Bias, we all have it. We often unconsciously use it as a filter when making decisions on who we hire, promote, put on a project team or involve in decision making. Our biases are based on the beliefs and values we deem to be true, and we then make a judgement on an individual based on that preconceived notion. As part of MEC's Brave your Bias series, we shed light on the topic through candid conversations with those on the front line.

The panel will explore what bias looks like in the workplace, how to understand yours, and how to deal with it to ensure we are not excluding people because of our beliefs.

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Wade Davis Senior Consultant Diversity & Inclusion YSC
James 'Jim' Sinocchi Managing Director and Head of Disability Inclusion JPMorgan Chase & Co
Laura Mather Founder and CEO Unitive, Inc.
Tanya M. Odom Global Consultant and Leadership Coach Ed. M

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