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The art of marketing is the means to create a positive impact on the world, and the need to invest in talent has never been greater to driving this change. Many companies are looking beyond the traditional academic qualifications to identify and develop new generations of leaders. Known for their prestigious Fellowship and Scholarship Programs for emerging leaders, The Marketing Academy also runs the Merlin’s Apprenticeship Program which provides opportunity to young adults who, due to a lack of qualifications, challenging backgrounds or poor life choices, would normally be overlooked. This is a story of passion, purpose and perseverance, driving a movement that is redefining the way we can engage and develop top talent.

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Sherilyn Shackell Founder & CEO The Marketing Academy
Edwin Broni-Mensah Founder and CEO Give Me Tap
Katie Vanneck-Smith Chief Customer Officer & Global Managing Director, International Dow Jones
Reece Ramsaroup Marketing Assistant Harrow Green

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