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Want better client relationships and results? Hear from two agencies (and clients) that have achieved breakout NPS scores (above 50, vs. advertising average of 16) while improving performance and team satisfaction. In doing this, the agencies have restructured how they interact with clients, embracing greater transparency and collaboration to create truly special results.

Our industry has a dismal record of Client Satisfaction, with an average of a 16 Net Promoter Score (NPS). Much of this is due to flawed 1980's-era assumptions about how we should organize our teams and agency, as well as outdated assumptions about how clients want to be involved.

Our panel is designed to explore these topics using client-agency pairs that discuss several key interaction points (including project on-boarding, status/tracking, collaborative connecting and development, and high-speed delivery. We expect and invite questions from the attendees as well. View Less

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Andy Parnell Chief Client Officer LaneTerralever
Kristi Kennedy Senior Director of Social Media Time Warner Cable
Jack Skeels CEO AgencyAgile
Bret Starr CEO Starr Conspiracy
Bethany Holloway Global Leader for HR Software Marketing Willis Towers Watson
Kristin Keefe SVP, Production & Program Management Firstborn

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Event Type Workshop

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