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Everyone agrees digital has disrupted the traditional agency model, yet many disagree on what the industry future will look like and how digital marketing services will be delivered to brands. One view, held by many agency holding companies, is that creativity is still the “secret marketing sauce” regardless of whether it is an analog or digital world. Consulting firms, however, see a future where agencies are replaced by strategic implementation that combines in-depth business tactics with technology implementation and precision creative execution. What both sides can all agree on is clients are looking for something more than either is offering, but who has the best opportunity to disrupt the future?

The contrarian view is that we need a new model for a new age. Digital requires a complete transformation of brand marketing. Companies need to rewire their thinking and their operations to adapt to the digital era. In this particular view of the future, ad agencies will be replaced by strategic consultancies, that combine business strategy with technology implementation and creative execution. Do consulting firms, with their historic leads in strategy and technology, need only add creative execution to thrive in this new world? Do agencies need to ramp up their strategy and data capabilities? Here from a panel of leaders from agency, consultancy, and corporate on their views on The Great Debate.
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Suzanne Darmory Executive Creative Director Zeta Interactive
Josh Golden Publisher Ad Age
David Feldman Partner IBM
Mark Singer Principal Deloitte Digital
Mike Barrett President Heat

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