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Two years after the term #Femvertising was introduced, it continues to be a powerful force in the advertising industry. With myriad, award-winning ad campaigns focused on women’s strength, we may wonder whether our work is done. Join SheKnows Media’s Samantha Skey and a panel of brand executives and industry leaders as they discuss the next wave in the pro-female advertising movement, and how you can drive equality for the genders while also moving product.

Propelled by the growing influence of women as wealth creators and controllers, a focus on feminist issues like the gender pay gap, and the monumental first of having a woman running for president in the 2016 U.S. election, #Femvertising has inspired brands to rethink the way they represent both women and men in their ads.

At its core, #Femvertising strives to empower women while also selling products. #Femvertising has enabled brands to earn deeper, more meaningful connections with the consumers they seek to engage. Authenticity is the key to making it work. #Femvertising will evolve by continuing to push advertisers to use their power for good and to present contemporary portrayals of humans, challenging stereotypes of women and men alike. View Less

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Samantha Skey President, CRO SheKnows Media
Madonna Badger CCO/Founder Badger & Winters
Jodi Harris Vice President, Consumer Strategy & Insights Anheuser-Busch
Jamia Wilson Executive Director Women, Action and the Media
Angélique Roché Vice President, External Affairs Ms. Foundation for Women

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Track  Empowering Women 

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