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We often talk about bravery in the workplace. Imagine if that brave decision took you to a situation where people would not only look at you differently, but it would fundamentally change the way they thought of you and behaved with you. If that change made you different in their eyes. Hear from Chris Edwards, former Arnold Worldwide Creative Director & Copywriter and author of "BALLS: It Takes Some to Get Some" for a first-hand account of the difficult change he made in his life in front of 500+ colleagues and friends.

As the make-up of our workforces evolves, how we engage and embrace difference - whether age, race, gender, disability, sexuality or other - becomes the driver that will lead our industry into the future. Chris' story of courage and acceptance is inspiring others to not only be themselves, but to embrace others for all their differences, while paving a path for our industry to rethink its creative DNA.
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Chris Edwards Author BALLS: It Takes Some to Get Some

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