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Miki Agrawal is a serial-entrepreneur who is changing the world. For women with periods, at least. Miki is the co-founder of THINX, the period-proof underwear brand that’s disrupting the feminine hygiene world and getting people comfortable talking about periods.
Sheri Roder, Chief of Horizon Media’s WHY Group, speaks with Miki about what inspires her, why you need a just-do-it attitude; the importance a global social lens; and what it’s like to lead a brand that pushes the boundaries of comfortable conversation topics.

If you’ve been on the subway recently, you know THINX. The company’s provocative out of home ads – showing simple but arresting visuals of half a grapefruit, an egg yolk, and models wearing simple black briefs – proclaim they’re “FOR WOMEN WITH PERIODS.” The ads (which hit a snag with the MTA, but were later approved) have catalyzed a conversation – and now – a movement that is changing the way we talk about menstruation.

Miki Agrawal’s company (one of three– Miki is a serial entrepreneur), is inspired by, created by, marketed and sold to women. And it’s changing the world for women, who no longer have to be embarrassed and hindered by “that time of the month.”

Sheri Roder, Chief of Horizon Media’s WHY Group, speaks with this modern day entrepreneur, who has perfected the mix of finding what inspires her, while approaching her projects with a candid just-do-it attitude and global social lens. View Less

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Sheri Roder Chief of WHY Horizon Media
Miki Agrawal Co-Founder THINX

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