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Join Beckon CEO Jennifer Zeszut for a look at how to combine science with art, data with storytelling, and logic with emotion to craft a compelling story of marketing performance.

We marketers are masterful storytellers. We spend countless hours obsessing over the stories we tell our customers—creating elaborate briefs planning out what we want our target audience to think, feel and believe after they see our work. We hone and perfect the message across every touch point. Yet, when it comes time to show an internal audience (like the CEO or CFO) how marketing is performing, our Shakespearian storytelling capabilities evaporate. We toss charts and spreadsheets out, with little context and few key takeaways or conclusions. Bringing good, clean data to bear is essential, but not sufficient. The numbers don’t tell a story. You need to tell the story of marketing performance.

Key Takeaways:
- How to structure your story (er, reports) for maximum impact. 
- The dos and “please don’t!”s of marketing performance storytelling. 
- The use of imagery, video and text to add context to your data. 
- How to flex this new muscle yourself, as a marketing leader, so that you can be more influential and effective, but how, also, to instill the capability in your team.
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Jennifer Zeszut CEO Beckon

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