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Classic marketing advice tells us that brands should avoid polarizing social issues, but our unpredictable world and a new generation of consumers has created a different rule book. Trust in everything from government institutions to journalism is crumbling, and people are looking elsewhere for guidance, including the capitalist powers: brands.

Companies are now expected to speak up, act and use their position and influence in the world to make a positive impact. Studies show that nine out of 10 millennial consumers would switch brands to one aligned with a cause. But taking a position doesn't come without risk; either by alienating certain consumers or appearing opportunistic. How do brands decide when and how to take a stand? Join us for a provocative discussion about brand activism and a new generation of consumers. View Less

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Dawn Laguens EVP and Chief Experience Officer Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Amy Emmerich Chief Content Officer Refinery29
Neda Azarfar VP, Marketing Communications The Recording Academy
Sarah Rabia Global Director of Cultural Strategy TBWA
Michael Maslansky CEO Maslansky + Partners

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