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A year of unprecedented upheaval has seen a momentous erosion of consumer trust. And consumers, now more than ever, are expressing their values through brand purchases: 57% of consumers are buying or boycotting brands based on the brand’s position on issues in society, and 30% are buying or boycotting more than they were 3 years ago. This new environment is forcing brands into uncomfortable territory of taking a stand on the issues of the day, but it presents a huge opportunity for them to deepen their relationship with consumers. Join a discussion on what brands can and should be doing in this new environment, whether they take a stance and champion a cause alone and what responsibility do they hold in shaping culture?


Alexandra Bruell Reporter Wall Street Journal
Richard Edelman President & CEO Edelman
Britta Bomhard Executive Vice President & CMO Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Kristen Anderson Chief Diversity Officer Barilla Group

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