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It’s not news that advertisers have been calling for accountability on their digital marketing spend. And yet, 60% of current digital ad spend is on Facebook and Google, with Amazon expected to grow from $1B to $10B. Over the last few years, these media giants have been working to provide greater transparency into their impact.

Join us for a candid discussion touching on how these key players work with marketers to ensure accurate understanding of their impact on marketing spend.

Other topics of discussion include:

- How internal analytics and insights derived from 3rd party partnerships create value for their customers
- Innovations we can expect in the future
- How marketers can help to break down walls for greater collaboration and everyone wins

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Julie Fleischer VP Product Marketing - Marketing Solutions Neustar
Gunnard Johnson Head of Measurement Science and Insights Pinterest
Brad Smallwood VP of Marketing Science Facebook
Babak Pahlavan Senior Director of Product Management for Measurement Products Google

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