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This panel will explore how successful brands and disruptors are inverting the traditional approach and abandoning a silo-ed team structure in favor of a data-driven approach to creativity to break down barriers to marketing success in the age of digital.

In order to be more effective marketers, brands need to become better listeners. That means internalizing data-driven audience insights across teams, and letting these insights drive the creative process versus the classic “top down” approach of Creative Directors, which has ruled our industry for decades. Instead of retrofitting strategy to support creative, let data and insights lead creative. View Less

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Quynh Mai Founder Moving Image & Content
Richard Alan Reid Executive Creative Director BuzzFeed
Maureen Traynor Global Director, Creative Solutions Spotify
Becky Wang Chief Executive Officer Crossbeat New York
Kristen D'Arcy Head of Performance Digital Marketing American Eagle Outfitters
Michelle Klein Marketing Director, North America Facebook
Renee Plato Senior Vice President, Media Solutions and Innovation Nielsen

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