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Do you really know how reliable the data that underlies your decisions is?

Advertising and marketing increasingly relies upon combinations of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, combined and modeled to generate relevant target groups. However the process is fraught with risk to marketers because it is difficult to know how good the data are that go into the mix.

Now a new major industry initiative has been proposed involving industry associations to address this and we want you to be in on the ground floor.

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Scott McDonald President & CEO ARF
Jane Clarke CEO and Managing Director CIMM
Rick Erwin President, Audience Solutions Acxiom
George Ivie Executive Director Media Ratings Council
Jim Spaeth Partner Sequent Partners
Howard Shimmel Chief Research Officer Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Jonathan Steuer CRO Omnicom Media Group
Gerard Broussard Principal Pre-Meditated Media
Pete Doe CRO clypd
Abhilasha (Abby) Mehta Senior Vice President, Marketing Insights & Media Analytics Executive Bank of America

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