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Our current climate is rife with mistrust and conflict. Everyone, from publishers to beverage brands are having their motives and their credibility questioned and many brands have shied away from social purpose issues on a public stage. In the latest research from The Economist Group, in association with Salesforce and Genuinely, we explore the idea of operating with social purpose and whether brands truly have a choice in the matter.

More than ever, a company’s character, beyond its financial performance and reputation, determines its place in business and society. Forces of change in politics, business and consumer/employee activism are requiring companies to authentically showcase their character in the way they operate and engage with the public. Some have embraced this, leaping ahead to become social advocates and integrating social purpose into their business models and brand identity. Others have allowed the fear of backlash to inhibit their activation. But in our current environment, can opting out put you at both a reputational and a financial disadvantage?

The Economist Group will share its latest research on operating with social purpose, in association with Salesforce and Genuinely. A panel discussion follows, exploring the inherent benefits of and business case for operating with social purpose, the ways companies have successfully advanced their social agendas, and challenges faced along the way. View Less

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Mina Seetharaman SVP, Global Managing Director, Marketing Solutions The Economist Group
Freya Williams CEO, North America Futerra
Holly Wasson Senior Vice President Brand and Marketing Communications SunTrust
Simon Mulcahy Chief Marketing Officer Salesforce

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