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Advertisers waste millions on multichannel marketing execution that doesn’t work. As cross-device media consumption evolves, linking spend to performance gets even more complicated. While spending continues to rise, marketers and their agencies are challenged to activate insights that generate measurable results. More and more, the word of the day is “attribution."

But attribution buzzwords abound! Media mix modeling, first touch, last touch, weighted touch and multi-touch. They all can work, but none can be effective without trust in the modeling and a serious understanding of how to turn marketing attribution’s insights into actions that matter.

Join DMA’s Identity Leadership Council for an hour of attribution demystification. Identity and attribution experts from leading media agencies and data/tech solution providers will help un-complicate an otherwise complex set of attribution methodologies, and arm you with the tools to pick the attribution approach that works best for the marketing and media mix challenges you’re facing. View Less

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Gayatri Bhalla VP of Advanced Media Solutions InfoGroup
Ash Dhupar Chief Analytics Officer Publishers Clearing House
Robert Edelman Manager, Analytics and Data IBM
Jeff Smith CMO LiveRamp

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