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Latest reports state that there are over 600 million devices running adblock software, and the message from consumers is clear: Stop interrupting me – I don’t want to see your ads. At the same time, consumers are constantly connected and literally have the power to make or break a brand at their fingertips. So how do you break through and engage with consumers?

Against the digital transformation landscape and changing consumer behavior, Mastercard believes we need to stop being great storytellers, it is time to put consumers at the center of our efforts, it’s time to be great storymakers. Studies show and retail sales data supports that today, consumers value experiences over things. Mastercard’s Priceless campaign – now in its 20th year – was founded on the insight that experiences matter more than things, but the way it is executed today is much different. Mastercard has evolved its Priceless strategy from a single traditional advertising campaign to a holistic experiential-led marketing platform. We’d love the opportunity to share our story – no pun intended – and how our efforts are energizing our brand and driving our business. View Less


Raja Rajamannar Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Mastercard

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