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Everyone is talking data. More than 80% of marketers say they intend to use data to shape their marketing strategy*. There is a lot of data out there and it is increasingly difficult to sparse out what is good data and how you will use it to inform your marketing decisions. Join Suzanne Vranica, Editor of The Wall Street Journal, as she uncovers Target and L'Oreal's approach to data driven marketing and what the future looks like.

*eMarketer "Spending on Data-Driven Marketing Set to Rise" Jan 11th 2017

After the discussion, meet the Target marketing team & our beloved Bullseye for a cocktail and continue the conversation around "What Is Good Data" View Less

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Suzanne Vranica Advertising Editor The Wall Street Journal
Kristi Argyilan Senior Vice President, Media and Guest Engagement Target
Andy Fisher Chief Analytics Officer Merkle
Brigitte King Chief Consumer Officer L'Oreal

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