Ford Blakely

Ford Blakely is the founder and CEO of Zingle. As a frustrated consumer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ford sought to figure out a quicker way to order his latte in the morning. He did – and in 2009 Zingle was born as the first two-way, business-and-customer communication platform. Currently, thousands of hotels, food retailers and other businesses use the software platform to increase efficiency, revenue and customer loyalty by providing a quick and simple way to communicate with customers through text messaging—people’s preferred method of communication today.
Ford, an obsessive problem solver and texting fanatic, believes in the power of business texting and is committed to educating businesses about how to use texting as a CRM solution to improve their relationships with customers.

Prior to Zingle, Ford spent a decade in management consulting, investment banking and finance. He worked as an investment banker for the Royal Bank of Canada and as a senior accountant for Arthur Andersen. For more than six years, Ford excelled as a senior management consultant for LECG, providing financial analysis and consultation services for businesses and law firms, along with earning his certification in public accounting (CPA) along the way.

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